tooth extraction

Emergency Tooth Extraction

Do you need a tooth extraction? Many patients fear dental extraction the most out of all dental care treatments. But with sedation dentistry and our dentists’ commitment to patient-focused care, we can ensure a smooth and comfortable tooth extraction.

Our dentists recommend a dental extraction in case of severe tooth decay, which a root canal, crown, and other restorative treatments cannot treat:

  1. The tooth has broken down
  2. The decay has progressed to the jawbones and caused a loss in bone density
  3. The decay has started to spread and affect adjacent healthy teeth.

In case of these severe dental problems, tooth extraction is the best way to treat the damage, and keep the rest of your teeth and gums strong and healthy.

Once your mouth has healed, our dentists can discuss with you options to restore normal oral functions like biting, chewing, and eating, with restorations that look and function like your natural teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Removal – Extract Impacted and Crowded Wisdom Teeth

For most people, pain is the number one sign that wisdom teeth have erupted. Wisdom teeth cause pain when they are impacted, or there is not enough room for them to grow. When left in, they can cause overcrowding that affects healthy adjacent teeth. Our dentists track the growth of your wisdom teeth and book an extraction, or perform an emergency surgical removal if your symptoms become severe.

Are you worried about the pain? When left untreated, wisdom teeth can cause severe oral health problems. Our dentists use sedation dentistry to successfully remove your wisdom teeth before these problems occur:

  • Impaction: Wisdom teeth removal is needed when these molars are trapped in the jaw or gums, causing extreme pain and discomfort. In severe cases left untreated, cysts can even form, causing infection that spreads to other teeth.
  • Cavities and gum disease: Molars grow in the back of the mouth, making them hard to reach and clean thoroughly. Plus, some wisdom teeth remain partially hidden within the gums, making them prone to cavities, gum disease, and infections.
  • Overcrowding: The sudden growth of wisdom teeth can disrupt the even spacing and alignment of your teeth, causing painful overcrowding that can also affect the integrity and shape of adjacent teeth.

Sedation Dentistry – Painless and Comfortable Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is an outpatient surgical procedure. All you need to do is arrive at Hyland Dental before your scheduled treatment, and go home to rest right after. Our dentists stay with you every step of the way — during preparation, throughout the procedure, and post-op care.

We examine your medical history, expertly perform the extraction, and ensure a fast and smooth recovery. To ensure your safety and comfort throughout the dental extraction, we provide various sedation options:

  • Laughing Gas: This is used to relieve stress and anxiety, followed by a shot of Novacaine, Lidocaine, or other numbing medications.
  • Oral Sedation: This method allows for dulled pain during the procedure while still maintaining a cognitive state.
  • IV Sedation: Intravenous drugs to help you sleep throughout the procedure

Book Your Appointment To Complete Your Smile After a Tooth Extraction

At Hyland Dental, our dentists recommend a tooth extraction after exhausting all restorative treatment options.

We do our best to make your tooth extraction comfortable and successful, so we can rehabilitate your remaining healthy teeth, and restore your smile.

Our dentists perform tooth extractions to treat tooth decay and infections, as well as remove impacted wisdom teeth and prevent oral health problems. We also coordinate future treatments following your tooth extraction, including necessary restorations, such as crowns, dentures, implants, and ongoing dental care.

Visit our conveniently located dental clinic in London, and learn about your options for tooth extraction and future dental care.

Hyland Dental is committed to patient care and your long-term oral health, whether it’s an emergency or scheduled tooth extraction. Call us today to learn more about tooth extraction and wisdom tooth removal. Let’s save and restore your healthy smile.