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Oral Radiology Procedures

At Hyland Dental, we combine our years of dentistry education and training with the latest in oral radiology to provide the best dental care. Our dentists make informed decisions about your emergency dental treatment with the help of various digital x-ray views, each suited to specific dental issues:

Bitewing view: An even split between the upper and lower jaw to detect cavities and bone loss in the crown of your teeth and along the gum line.
Periapical view: Used to study the root structures of your teeth in order to locate the source of nerve pain, detect impacted teeth below the gum line, and prepare for a root canal or gum disease treatment.
Panoramic: A composite of all the views taken during a full mouth x-ray into a single large image used to detect fractures and issues in the jawbones.

Digital X-Ray Process

How We Prepare for Your Dental Care
Dental x-rays are the first step to your successful dental treatment. Our dentists use digital x-rays — the most advanced oral radiologic technology — to examine your teeth, gums, and oral structures, and determine the best course of treatment.

Digital x-rays use 70% less radiation and streamlined instruments that eliminate the need for sharp paper films. This means less discomfort, better images, and faster diagnoses, thanks to reduced development timelines. Once complete, our dentists will examine your x-rays and proceed with treatment.

Book Your Oral Radiology & Digital X-ray

Do you need emergency dental care? Find out what’s causing your symptoms and get the right treatment. At Hyland Dental, we strive to provide a fast and accurate diagnosis for immediate relief every time.

We make this possible with the latest oral radiology equipment and diagnostics expertise. Our promise is a complete and thorough examination of your teeth and oral structures to provide the right treatment.

Our clinic is conveniently located in London and fully equipped with state-of-the-art dental care diagnostic technology like digital x-rays.

With less radiation and reduced development times, we can quickly diagnose your symptoms and provide emergency dental care. At Hyland Dental, our commitment to patient care means using the latest dental care technology to restore your strong, healthy smile.

New patients are always welcome. Book your digital x-ray at Hyland Dental to start your dental treatment.