Teeth Whitening – Expertly Whitened and Brightened Smiles

Hyland Dental offers teeth whitening services to give your natural smile a boost, and restore its radiance. A glowing smile is your best accessory, so don’t get caught without yours. Ask our dentists about professional teeth whitening, and learn how smiling confidently helps you unlock countless personal and professional opportunities. Smile your best today by becoming a patient at Hyland Dental!

Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening Services

At Hyland Dental, we believe in the power of a beautiful smile. Trust our dentists to restore and brighten your smile.

We offer professional teeth whitening to correct discolouration and staining over years of eating and drinking certain foods and drinks and lifestyle habits like smoking and natural events like aging. With teeth whitening and bleaching, we can peel back layers of staining, and restore your teeth’s natural, healthy shade. Let’s work your way back to a brighter, healthier smile — and no more hesitating when flashing your happiest, most radiant look.

When was the last time you smiled brightly? Book your teeth whitening at Hyland Dental to restore your naturally glowing, beautiful smile.

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Hyland Dental offers different types of teeth whitening and bleaching treatments. This cosmetic fix requires several sessions depending on the degree of staining. Our dentists can determine how many sessions you need to achieve your desired shade, and maintain lasting results.

Professional teeth whitening is available for your convenience as an in-home treatment prepared and managed by our dentists.

In-Home Teeth Whitening
Unlike DIY teeth whitening solutions, our in-home service is designed and managed by our dentists. We start by taking a photo of the current shade of your teeth to compare results against.

We take an impression of your teeth to create custom mouthpieces or trays to wear. We also provide you with bleaching gel applied to the tray, and instructions for wearing it over a certain duration. Ensure to follow the instructions and avoid applying excess gel or leaving the tray on too long to avoid irritating the gums.

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Professional vs. DIY Teeth Whitening – The Benefits of Trusting Your Dentist.

Our dentists at Hyland Dental know best, and provide brilliant whitening results. Dentists are equipped with the right training and tools to whiten your teeth, and achieve your desired bright smile.

  • Teeth whitening is done after cleaning: Unlike at-home DIY kits, our dentists will first clean and polish your teeth.
  • Full exam to look for signs of cavities, and fill these. This guarantees maximum effectiveness of teeth bleaching agents because our dentists will ensure that the surface of the teeth are dry. By preventing saliva from interfering with the agent, we can ensure that it penetrates deep into the pores to remove stains.
  • Precise colour-matching: Our dentists will assess the natural colour of your teeth to determine your best shade, the right concentration of bleaching agent, and the number of sessions you need to achieve your best smile.
  • Dental whitening products: Our dentists use the right equipment to ensure a successful teeth whitening treatment. With high-grade products, we provide efficient and effective whitening treatments to offer our patients a glowing smile.
  • Complete dental care: We don’t just stop at whitening your teeth — we also protect your new, brighter smile. Our dentists can treat your teeth with fluoride to give you a stronger, longer-lasting beautiful smile.

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Are You A Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?
Ready to brighten your smile? Book your consultation at Hyland Dental to see if you’re a good candidate, and learn how teeth whitening brings out your most radiant smile.

At Hyland Dental, we recommend teeth whitening for patients with generally healthy teeth without sensitivity issues, restorations or fillings.

We also make sure that you are not pregnant or lactating, nor allergic to bleaching agents. Before booking your teeth whitening, our dentists sit down with you to discuss your lifestyle habits and oral health history to make sure we achieve your brightest smile possible.
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