Dental Veneers  – Better, Brighter Smile

Get a smile makeover with veneers.
Visit Hyland Dental to get your porcelain veneers — and your most flawless smile.

Our dentists recommend veneers for a complete, permanent smile makeover crafted especially for your teeth. With a perfect set of veneers, we can restore discoloured, worn, chipped, and misaligned teeth back to their healthy, colour, and appearance.

Smile brighter and feel more confident than ever.

The Best in Cosmetic Dentistry

Feeling a lot less confident when you smile? Hyland Dental can makeover your smile. Our dentists custom-craft veneers to fit your teeth and restore their appearance. Made of thin shells of porcelain or resin less than 1.5mm thick, veneers cover teeth that are discoloured, chipped, misaligned, or worn over the years.

Hyland Dental specializes in crafting and fitting custom dental veneers. These porcelain coverings are stain-resistant and durable, giving you a lasting smile makeover. Get your natural smile back with veneers perfectly fitted to your facial features and teeth size, shape, and colouring — a true dental artistry.

Turn up the wattage on your smile. With custom-crafted, perfectly fitting veneers, we restore and enhance your natural teeth. Ask our dentists how veneers give you a lasting smile makeover.


Transform Your Smile with Veneers – A Lasting Smile Makeover

At Hyland Dental, we specialize in enhancing your naturally beautiful smile. Peel back layers of wear and discolouration, and restore your teeth’s shape and alignment with porcelain veneers. With these thin shells permanently bonded to your teeth and cemented in place, our dentists can correct your smile in no time. See how veneers shape and bring out your best smile:

  • Colour-correct severely stained teeth that cannot be visibly whitened due to deep discolouration from congenital origin or from years of eating and lifestyle habits.
    Cover worn or chipped teeth, resulting in an ideally uniform shape and size.
  • Bridge the gap between unevenly spaced and misaligned teeth.
  • Reshape crooked and misshapen teeth.

Why Veneers – Benefits Over Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Veneers are not the only option for cosmetic dentistry, but they come with promising benefits that make them the smart choice. Porcelain veneers provide numerous advantages to your lasting smile makeover:

  • Less invasive: The bonding process is less invasive than other cosmetic dentistry restorations, such as crowns and bridges.
  • Perfectly natural: Veneers are custom-crafted to colour-correct teeth according to their natural shade and brightness. No one will know you got veneers, because they are designed to match your natural smile.
  • Wide range of customizations: Porcelain veneers come in a wide range of sizes and shades, allowing our dentists to match and craft them perfectly to your natural smile

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Our mission is your best smile. Trust our dentists to expertly craft and tailor porcelain veneers to your current teeth and facial features, and provide a comfortable, rewarding experience.

Smile confidently with perfectly sized and colour-matched dental veneers. Ask our dentists about this innovative cosmetic restoration, and reap the benefits of a bright, beautiful smile.

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