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Root Canal Treatments – Endodontic Dentistry

Infections can cause lasting damage to teeth. When left untreated, you risk losing teeth that could have been saved and restored to optimal health. Hyland Dental offers root canal treatment to save teeth damaged by infection.
Severe cavities and tooth decay, infections, and broken teeth can be saved by root canal therapy. A root canal treatment offers the best-case scenario: keep your natural teeth following treatment of the infection or severe damage. Talk to our dentists today about saving your infected or decayed teeth.

Root Canal Treatment at Hyland Dental

We Save Your Natural Smile
Are you suffering from tooth decay, infection, or a broken tooth? Are you dreading your options, such as a tooth extraction? At Hyland Dental, we do our best to preserve your natural teeth — and save your smile.

Our dentists offer root canal therapy for rehabilitating infected, decayed, and broken teeth. With a root canal treatment, we can preserve the integrity of a natural tooth, restoring it to optimal health. We help you avoid losing your teeth, saving these from extraction, and offering the best dental care to maintain them for years.

Call Hyland Dental to learn about root canal treatments and preserving your natural teeth for years.

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An oral infection has devastating effects on long-term oral health. What starts as cavities can progress to severe tooth decay and infection. Without adequate prevention — like good oral hygiene habits — and fast treatment, even surrounding healthy teeth can become infected and irreversibly damaged.

Don’t wait for an infection to worsen. Our dentists at Hyland Dental are here to help. If you experience any of the symptoms of an infection, ask us about your treatment options.

We recommend a root canal to avoid the need for tooth extraction, and restore the appearance and function of your natural teeth.

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