Night Guards & Sports Guards – Treat TMD and Bruxism

Your teeth require protection — and not just when you’re on the field. Athletes and sports enthusiasts know all about the importance of mouthguards when playing contact sports. Hyland Dental offers customized sports guards to prevent damage.

However, sports aren’t the only threat to your teeth. Your teeth also need protection from involuntary habits, such as Bruxism. Most people are not aware that they clench and grind their teeth, often when they are asleep. If a loved one has told you, or you notice signs of wear and damage to your teeth, it’s time to wear a night guard.

Hyland Dental offers custom dental night guards to protect your teeth from damage caused by these involuntary habits.

Protect Your Teeth – Bruxism and TMD Night Guards from Hyland Dental

Clenching and grinding your teeth is an involuntary response — you don’t even know you’re doing it, until someone tells you, or you notice signs of wear on your teeth. But over time, this involuntary response can cost you your strong and healthy smile.

At Hyland Dental, we aim to protect your smile by helping you manage these involuntary behaviours. Our dentists prescribe custom dental night guards to ease clenching and grinding, and shield your teeth from wear, chipping, and breakage. With these night guards, we can also alleviate symptoms of TMD — temporomandibular joint disorder — such as pain in the joints connecting the upper and lower jaw, and difficulty moving it.

Do you clench and grind your teeth, and experience pain in the jaws? Get your custom night guard from Hyland Dental. Our guarantee is an exact fit and long-term protection.

Do I Need a Custom Night Guard? – Protection Against Bruxism and TMD

Dental appliances like night guards protect your teeth from wear and long-term damage. But not all night guards were created equal. A custom dental night guard makes all the difference compared to genetic appliances in your local drugstore:

  • Fit: Exact and precise fit, providing utmost comfort throughout daily and/or nightly wear
  • Customized treatment: Modeled according to the exact size, shape, and contours of your teeth to ensure complete protection
  • Durable protection: Designed to withstand long-term wear and tear from habitual, involuntary clenching of the jaws and grinding of the teeth
  • Long-term prevention: Regular use ensures complete protection against discomfort caused by TMD, as well as chipping, breakage, and loss of teeth from repeated grinding
Night Guards

Night Guards for Bruxism – Prevent Teeth Grinding and Damage

At Hyland Dental, we offer custom dental night guards designed specifically to treat bruxism. Involuntary grinding and clenching of the teeth is a medical condition that affects many adults. Most only become aware when their teeth become worn or wake up to a dull, constant headache and a sore jaw.
Many factors can cause bruxism, including stress and anxiety and hereditary factors. Without intervention, you may need implants, dentures, or a root canal to restore your damaged teeth. Here’s how a custom night guard can help:

  • Nightly wear: Keeps your jaws in place to prevent teeth from grinding and clenching
  • Convenient use: Simply place inside your mouth before bed for a comfortable sleep, alleviating common after-effects of bruxism like jaw pain and constant headache
  • Custom fit: Made from special thermoplastics modelled after the mould of your teeth using impressions taken by our dentists to ensure an exact fit and effective use.

Book Your Appointment To Get Your Custom Dental Night Guard

Put an end to grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw — and the risk of wear, breakage, and constant pain.

Sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed without the headaches. Get your custom night guard for bruxism and TMD at Hyland Dental.

At Hyland Dental, we are committed to a fully personalized dental treatment. We offer customized dental night guards fitted to the exact contours of your mouth to ensure an exact fit and effective treatment. Book a consultation at our dental clinic to get the night guard you need.

Tell our dentists if you experience any of the symptoms of TMD. We can diagnose the condition and offer various treatment options, including applying heat or ice packs, massages, muscle relaxants, steroids, and lifestyle changes like refraining from chewing gum. The most effective dental treatment that protects your teeth and jaws is a custom night guard.

Hyland Dental offers custom dental night guards designed to treat TMD.
We create custom-fitted night guards measured according to the contours of your teeth and the size and shape of your mouth. Your night guard fits comfortably inside your mouth to protect your teeth and alleviate the symptoms of TMD.