Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry – Flash Your Best, Healthiest Smile

You are most beautiful when you smile — but do you wear yours confidently? It’s not always easy to feel beautiful when your smile is not as straight and bright as you want it to be. At Hyland Dental, we help you smile confidently.

Feel beautiful and confident in your smile. If yours is looking a little less bright, even or straight, it’s time to enhance it.

With a range of cosmetic dentistry services for every need and budget, we can restore your teeth to their healthiest and most beautiful.

Watch our dentists work their magic to whiten, reshape, and straighten your teeth in no time.

Ceramic Crowns

For when veneers and bonding are not suitable for cosmetic restorations, our dentists can place ceramic crowns. Crafted using a ceramic compound, these crowns are designed to look like your natural teeth, matching their shape and colour. Our dentists will take impressions to ensure an exact fit that supports the integrity and function of your restored tooth.

Invisalign Orthodontics

Invisalign orthodontic treatments are as cosmetic as they are functional. When your teeth are crooked and unevenly spaced, they can make you too self-conscious and shy to smile, and affect basic oral functions like biting, chewing, and talking. While orthodontic treatments are best performed when younger, adults definitely benefit from subtle procedures, such as Invisalign, to achieve a perfectly straight and healthy smile.


Ready to flash your best smile? Let’s bridge gaps, treat discolouration, and fix your teeth’s alignment. Book your dental veneers treatment at Hyland Dental to restore worn or chipped teeth, and bring out your beautiful smile.

Achieve Your Most Attractive Smile

Your best, most beautiful smile is just one visit to the dentist away. Hyland Dental offers leading cosmetic dentistry services that enhance your natural smile.

Our dentists whiten, straighten, and shape your teeth to give you a brighter and healthier smile — all while appearing natural.

It all starts with a beautiful smile: boost your self-confidence, access opportunities, and invest in teeth’s appearance, function, and overall oral health.

Discover a world of better, brighter smiles with these tooth restoration treatments.

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Flash Your Most Beautiful Smile

Is your smile a little less bright? Are crooked, unevenly spaced, or missing teeth making it hard to smile? At Hyland Dental, we make it our mission to enhance your smile, and build your self-confidence. With a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services, we can brighten, straighten, and reshape your teeth for a confidently beautiful smile.

From teeth whitening and veneers, to crowns, tooth bonding and Invisalign, our promise is a full tooth restoration package. Now, you won’t just be able to eat and talk normally, but smile confidently knowing that your teeth are restored to their optimal function and appearance. Visit our conveniently located, state-of-the-art clinic in London to learn about your cosmetic dentistry options.

High-quality oral health care can inspire higher self-esteem by giving you a bright smile with a lasting impression. Build a rapport, and light up someone’s world today. Ask Hyland Dental about the right cosmetic dentistry treatment for bringing out your best smile.