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Emergency Dental Care at Hyland Dental

Urgent Dental Treatment and Procedures

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Our experienced and highly trained dentists are deeply committed to patient-focused care. We respond to any dental emergency anytime it occurs. Stop the pain right away, and save your healthy smile.

Book an Emergency Treatment: Call Hyland Dental in case of any dental emergency. Our dentists work with you to assess your condition and symptoms, and determine if you require urgent treatment. We do our best to book your visit or procedure right away.
Examination: Our dentists will conduct an x-ray and a full dental examination to assess your condition and the extent of the injury or discomfort. Based on these, we determine the best course of treatment.
Emergency Dental Treatment: You will undergo the prescribed emergency dental procedure to alleviate your symptoms and restore your teeth and oral health. Our dentists will provide instructions for post-op care, medication, and follow-up treatments or check-ups as required. If you are a new or emergency patient, we can notify your regular or family dentist and forward your treatment record.

Emergency Dental Treatment. Stop the Pain. Save Your Smile.

Severe toothache, lost tooth, or loose fillings? Hyland Dental can restore your healthy smile anytime. Don’t wait until it’s too late. See a dentist right away.

Dental emergencies can happen anytime. You need to know who to call for help. Toothaches and sharp pains can be a symptom of a cavity or underlying dental issue. Injuries like a chipped or knocked-out tooth damage your smile — permanently, if not treated right away. A fast dental emergency treatment at a dentist near you can make all the difference.

Severe ToothacheSevere toothache
Some toothaches only cause minor discomfort, generally from tooth sensitivity. But worse pains can indicate a growing cavity, or even tooth decay. Call an emergency dentist in case of a severe toothache, place ice on the sore area or take pain medication while awaiting examination and treatment.
Broken Chipped Or Cracked TeethBroken, chipped, or cracked teeth
Book an emergency dental treatment right away for immediate restoration. Emergency dental care prevents total loss of damaged teeth. Before coming in for treatment, rinse your mouth gently and recover any pieces you can find. Place gauze over the area to stop the bleeding, and use a cold compress to alleviate pain and swelling.

Knocked Out Teeth

Knocked-out teeth
Emergency dentists can save lost teeth and restore them within a couple of hours after the injury. We can also replace the damaged teeth, and preserve healthy oral function.

dislodged crown

Dislodged crown
If possible, place the crown back and hold it in place using temporary dental cement from your local pharmacy. Proceed to our clinic for emergency treatment and immediate restoration.


Loose or lost filling
Rinse the area thoroughly and try to place a small piece of sugar-free gum in the hole. Take pain medication for discomfort while waiting. Book an emergency treatment for restoring fillings.

Facial swelling

Facial swelling
This can indicate an infection, which requires immediate treatment and a course of antibiotics. Book an emergency dental treatment right away if you notice any swelling to prevent worsening and a serious medical emergency.

Book Your Emergency Dental Treatment

Suffering from a toothache, lost a filling, or gotten a tooth chipped or knocked out? Call Hyland Dental for emergency dental treatment. Our dentists strive to make dental care accessible to the entire family, at any time of the day.

With a conveniently located and fully equipped clinic in London, we can treat emergencies and administer dental procedures to restore your strong, healthy smile. Trust in our dentists’ extensive experience, commitment to patient care, and expertise in emergency dentistry to provide immediate care.

Become a Hyland Dental patient today. New patients are always welcome for emergency treatments and long-term dental care.