Dental Crowns and Bridges

Knocked-out and extracted teeth can change your smile forever — and affect the health of remaining intact teeth. You deserve to smile and feel confident every day. Hyland Dental can restore your healthy, youthful, beautiful smile.
Restorative dentistry treatments rehabilitate your smile. Dental crowns and bridges are one of the most common and effective restorations recommended by dentists. These bridge gaps from missing teeth, and reinforce the integrity and appearance of restored teeth. Trust our dentists to return your glowing smile and a powerful bite with the use of the latest advanced technology.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are often used for reinforcing restorations and for aesthetic purposes. By improving the shape, alignment and appearance of teeth, dental crowns can improve the appearance, as well as function of the mouth. For extensive damage, full dental crowns are fitted over severely decayed, badly injured teeth, and teeth with root canals or large fillings. These restorations can be applied to either a single tooth or several teeth. We craft full crowns using different types of materials to ensure a beautiful, natural appearance, and reliable strength and function.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Bridges

Suffering from a missing tooth? Our dentists at Hyland Dental can bridge the gap and restore your smile. A dental bridge procedure is a fast and simple way to restore your smile, and prevent the jawbone from shrinking, along with the lips and cheek from thinning and flattening. See how our dentists bridge the gap and reinforce the normal function of healthy teeth:

  1. Preparation: The dentist will first trim and prepare your teeth to hold the bridge supporters.
  2. Impression: Your dentist will measure and take an impression of the gap to determine the exact shape and size of the missing teeth.
  3. Moulding: Dental bridges are moulded using ceramics, metals, or a mix of both based on the appearance of your teeth.
  4. Fitting: Dental bridges are sealed in place. Follow the basics of oral hygiene like regular brushing and flossing to keep teeth and bridges strong and healthy.

Dental Bridge and Dental Crown

Our dentists are here to save your smile.

We offer leading restorative dentistry treatments to bridge gaps caused by missing teeth, and protect teeth recently saved from tooth decay or injury. Our mission is to make you smile again — with full confidence in your long-term oral health and appearance.

Hyland Dental offers dental bridges and dental crown procedures using the latest techniques and the best materials. Our dentists are skilled at performing treatments that require precision and attention to details using the latest technology in the dentistry field.

Visit our conveniently located clinic in London to learn about these restorative treatments, and learn how we restore your teeth’s normal function and appearance.

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